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 1. 1.2 hour-long calc lectures blows.
2. College life is actually really great.
3. Living in a dorm feels like living in a hotel with... all your friends.
4. Otome games are actually really fun too.
5. Otome pigeon games can be pretty legit.
6. Dining hall food kind of sucks.
7. But it's not so bad really.
8. Going to WalMart with friends makes things 1000% better.
9. Be nosy about other people because you might make some new friends.
10. 8:00 classes still suck.
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Or at least, I will. )
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I kind of forgot I had a Dreamwidth. A friend of mine said that LJ may or may not have been bought out by a Russian company (which explains the multitude of posts in Russian yes it does oops).

Kind of an awkward time how I started this in high school and never used it. Now, suddenly, I'm off to college. I kind of like this account name though, so I guess I'll hang onto it. Too bad kaleidoscope wasn't an available account name, or I would have jumped on that one.

I guess this is also a reminder to myself that I need to get on reviewing precalc for college. Looking over my junior year math notes is nightmare fodder for me, so I think I'll hit Khan Academy instead. Looks pretty legit, and I did use it a bit last year because it was a better teacher than my actual precalc teacher.

But aside from that, wtf how did time pass so quickly? I remember complaining about how graduation and summertime wasn't coming along fast enough, and now that I'm actually an alumni of my high school, it still feels kind of surreal. Granted, I haven't done anything productive so the true spirit of summer vacation is here (not that I'm complaining haha).

I need to start work fast so it doesn't feel like I'm idling time away. Fortunately, July 1 is just around the corner, and I have math review to keep me occupied. Math. Ew.


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