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I kind of forgot I had a Dreamwidth. A friend of mine said that LJ may or may not have been bought out by a Russian company (which explains the multitude of posts in Russian yes it does oops).

Kind of an awkward time how I started this in high school and never used it. Now, suddenly, I'm off to college. I kind of like this account name though, so I guess I'll hang onto it. Too bad kaleidoscope wasn't an available account name, or I would have jumped on that one.

I guess this is also a reminder to myself that I need to get on reviewing precalc for college. Looking over my junior year math notes is nightmare fodder for me, so I think I'll hit Khan Academy instead. Looks pretty legit, and I did use it a bit last year because it was a better teacher than my actual precalc teacher.

But aside from that, wtf how did time pass so quickly? I remember complaining about how graduation and summertime wasn't coming along fast enough, and now that I'm actually an alumni of my high school, it still feels kind of surreal. Granted, I haven't done anything productive so the true spirit of summer vacation is here (not that I'm complaining haha).

I need to start work fast so it doesn't feel like I'm idling time away. Fortunately, July 1 is just around the corner, and I have math review to keep me occupied. Math. Ew.
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