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Jin ([personal profile] kaleido_scope) wrote2012-08-30 06:52 pm
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This should be important, right?

 After being on LiveJournal for a bit, I decided, why not try a change? I suppose this post should be something important, but truth is, I'm still trying to make my way around this site.

I really doubt that anyone will come by here, but just in case I suppose here's a bit about me.

I go by many names, but I'm mostly known as Jin.
I'm 16 17 years old and soon-to-be senior in high school freshman in college.
... I'm a part of too many fandoms to list (but they appear to be listed on my profile so I guess that's okay?).
I don't bite, unless you're into that stuff.

I haven't had dinner yet.

... I should go eat dinner. |D

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Name: Jin
tumblr: way-wardian
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