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Rather, I don't have one yet, but she seems like an awesome and sweet person. It's amusing because everyone who's seen her photos on Facebook has noticed that the two of us resemble each other heheh. I think she's Peruvian though, or at least, has said that she has Peruvian relatives who live in Jersey. We've established who's bringing which appliances. I'll be toting the fridge and she'll drag the microwave. She's also bringing an electric kettle which is sweet because I'm a tea-drinker too. I'm in charge of the room fan because apparently the room temperatures are "hot" and "Kenya".

I've found that we actually have a whole bunch in common and that my initial worries about having a roommate that I wouldn't get along with because she was prickly or something was kind of unwarranted. We've already exchanged 3DS friend codes to visit each other's towns in Animal Crossing and decided that we'll sob over Sherlock season 3 together. I hope that my friends have just as much luck with roommates as I have. I've learned from her that RPI actually hosts cons sometimes and it's the Sci-Fi/Anime club that organizes it. Should be interesting, to say the least lol.

All in all, I think things are definitely looking up. This is another thing I have to look forward to come this August.
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